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How To Succeed with JV's and Affiliate Promotions

Date Added: December 27, 2009 07:48:15 PM
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How To Succeed with JV's and Affiliate Promotions

Author: Neil Stafford

The first thing to know is that it is how your affiliates and JV's perform for you that is important, not how many of them you have.

There are just two things you need to do and they couldn't be simpler, in fact that's part of the problem. I don't do complicated, it's not necessary, but if you want a simple, effecitve and workable plan then here it is.

True success comes from your effort and how much time you put in to making real, personal contact with your partners. That's it. Do that and it will work, but of course there are other things that will help.

Now, it is possible to have people promoting your product for you by just doing a small amount of work, by listing your product with Clickbank for instance, but for real success you must spend time identifying the partners you want to work with.

I encourage you to set time aside each week to seek out and contact new potential partners on a regular basis and.make it a habit.

A Simple But Effective Plan - Whatever your business, this will work for you. Search Google and Yahoo for potential partners and list them on a spreadsheet with the following information:

* Website Name

* Product/Service Being sold

* Contact Name/Email/Telephone/Address

* Distinctive part of the site

* Potential - You want their phone and address so you can contact them using methods other than just email.

The key element is the 'Distinctive Part Of The Site' Field as this means you can demonstrate to them that you are serious and made time to understand what they are offering. Just doing this one thing, although more time consuming, got my business a partnership with the second largest Newspaper group in the UK because I was able to talk to them about a particular page on their site.

The 'Potential' field is how you would rank what the opportunity was with this site and helps you make an initial assessment on whether to contact them via email, letter or telephone call.

Getting In Touch - Keep it simple when emailing potential partners and just introduce yourself, explain how you found their site, what you liked about it and why you was contacting them.

For really 'hot' prospects I suggest you use a letter followed by a phone call or go straight to calling them up. Why? Because the 'bigger' players in your market will be inundated with emails and contacting them by post and/or phone will make you stand out from the crowd.

What are the 'hot buttons' you can use to get to your prospective JV or affiliate? You have to know what they are so you can make your pitch personal and identify how best to help them. You do this by asking questions, listening to their answers and be GENUINELY interested in what they say. It's their agenda, not yours, that is important here so you must discover what you can do for them.

What if they say no? Then be honest and just ask them "what would make them say yes to working with you?" Listen closely to their answer and look to see how you might find a way to work that out. If you can't find a way, thank them for their time and move onto the next person on your list.

However, just because they said no this time doesn't mean they won't in the future, so keep the communication open and revisit them occasionally to see if you can help with anything or if they are now open to discussing potential opportunities together.

The Two Big Secrets - Just to remind you, you only need to pay attention to these two factors to have a successful affiliate/partner program.

1 Be consistent about contacting and recruiting partners

2 Stay in regular contact with partners to help, train and encourage them to promote your products

Final Secret! I said at the beginning of this article that it wasn't about numbers, but in one way it definitely is.

I can almost guarantee that if you contact 5 potential partners each day for the next fifty days you'll find yourself with a good core of people who you will be able to successfully work with.

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Neil Stafford is Editor and Publisher of the Internet Marketing Review the UK's longest running PRINTED Internet Marketing Newsletter. 'Test drive' the Newsletter for FREE - Visit this special web page for more information: Internet Marketing Review Newsletter


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